Shippr is a one stop shop for all your logistics requirements.

Our platform was born of our passion to solve the inefficiency and fragmentation of the local trucking industry. Shippr is a disruptive approach to organizing the Logistics sector, that makes intra-city pickups and deliveries thoroughly efficient and reliable. We have a varied fleet of vehicles that cater to any of our customers'needs. Be it a simple task of moving your furniture within the city or moving heavy machinery around the country, we aim to find a solution to it all. Our Team consists of professionals who are passionate about providing you the best-in-class services. We make sure that our staff is updated and well trained in their department of functioning. In today’s fast moving economy, Shippr leads the innovation of local-market logistics to meet on-demand Transportation solutions that save time, money and hassle. It’s as simple as calling a cab - Try it Now!!